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Face Reality Acne Bootcamp

What is acne?

Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores – pores that shed dead skin cells much faster than normal. Normal pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore. The acne-prone pore sheds up to five layers of dead skin cells per day and the body just can’t keep up. This forms the microcomedone, the beginning of all acne.

Taking up to 90 days, it turns into blackheads or congestion under the skin; or if bacteria is present (which just loves to feed on the dead skin cells and oil), it turns into inflamed pimples or pustules and maybe even cysts.


Our Acne specialist will identify the type of Acne you have and will develop a treatment plan specifically for you and your skincare needs.

Non Inflamed Acne (blackheads, whiteheads)

Rosacea Acne

Body Acne

Acne Imposters

Inflamed Acne (blemishes, pimples, cysts)

So it is very important for our Specialist to Consult with you in order to identify the exact type of acne you have so that we can treat you properly.

The products we utilize are formulated specifically for acneic skin and guaranteed not to clog your pores 

If you’re tired of struggling with Acne, book your Consultation today and we will have you acne free in just a matter of months. 

Treatment may be available on the same day as your initial consultation!

Book today!

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